James' Photo Galleries

Please enjoy the following gallery subjects, spanning over 15 years of shooting...
  • The Earth

    I cut my teeth as a landscape photographer in western Canada, so most of these are from Alberta and British Columbia.

    23 images

  • Flowers and Vegetation

    Like most photographers, bright flowers and interesting vegetation have found their way into my portfolio. Enjoy!

    14 images

  • H20

    More western Canada photos, with water as the central theme...

    15 images

  • Watercolors

    Some photoshop filtering adds some artistic interpretation to these photos.

    8 images

  • Sub Zero

    Winter in Alberta taught me to keep my camera handy at all times, despite my freezing fingers and toes.

    12 images

  • Interpretive

    Some of these shots from Dinosaur National Park were not appreciated until after the fact - like the trunks of wood that look like dinosaurs!

    9 images

  • Old and Forgotten

    Evocative. Nostalgic. Old memories... things lost and forgotten.

    9 images

  • Canis Lupis

    Meet Maya and Wiley, two captive wolves shot in B.C.

    5 images

  • Hominids

    Portraits are sometimes difficult to photograph when the subject is camera shy, so a willing subject, or one unaware of your camera, usually makes for a good shot! Here's a few...

    28 images

  • Things With Eyes

    Quick movement, unplanned weather, and other obstacles can get in the way of animal photography. That's why I've always admired National Geographic photographers... I can appreciate the skill and patience!

    12 images

  • Dancing Fire

    Shooting fireworks like this is easy - use a tripod, and go for 20 second exposures. That simple!

    6 images

  • Scotland

    Our 2001 trip to Scotland was a whirlwind of visitation, a bit of photography, and a few wee drams here and there!

    17 images

  • Time Exposures

    Just tie a flashlight to a string hanging from the ceiling, give it a push, and hold your camera's shutter open. That simple!

    7 images

  • Architecture

    A custom home builder in Calgary needed some promo shots - here they are.

    5 images

  • Stock

    Purchase the CD of these royalty-free stock images for$145.00.

    21 images

  • Weddings

    A happy day for the bride and groom... No matter whose wedding I've photographed, they've all been wonderful experiences with wonderful people.

    39 images

  • Humour

    Though not my photos, these present some funny situations from a photographer's perspective.

    4 images