Hector Lake  Hector Lake (along the Icefields Parkway) is yet another popular stop-off site for tourist buses - I was inundated with travellers asking me questions, and getting me to take their pictures. Peyto Lake Tranny  Peyto Lake is a tourist's destination... I was swamped with visitors from the world over trying to nab this shot. The blue water is from suspended rock flour caused by glacial movement. 2005-10-22 001 Mount Rundel from Two-Jack Lake 003 non-orton  Close-up of Mount Rundle from Two Jack Lake. 2007-09-03 Morraine Lake  Morraine Lake - close to Lake Loiuse - is a popular spot for tourists year-round.  The pile of gravel at the foot of the mountain is cause by frost shattering. 2005-09-03 Yam 003  Mount Yamnuska, or "Yam", marks the transition from foothills to the Rockies along the Trans-Canada highway. watercolor 124  Another shot of Mount Yamnuska, converted to watercolor thanks to Photoshop and various filters.
2005-09-21 Hay Bales  In Alberta, there are cows... feeding them takes a bit of work. 2005-10-22 004 Cascade Mountain from Two-Jack Lake  I just finished shooting another image at sunrise, and was packing up, when I turned and saw this! 2005-11-11 Castle Mountain  Castle Mountain 2005-11-11 Morants Curve  The famous Morants Curve, named after the photographer commissioned by the railway. Along Hwy 1A. 2006-11-12 eleston park tree  Winter photography close to home in Calgary... levinamoira  That's my wife Moira's silhouette at Levina Lookout in BC.
2007-07-02 Burmis Tree  Alberta's famous Burmis Tree - over 700 years old! 20040723 burmis tree 001 backup  Burmis Tree from another angle, another day... 2007-07-04 Osprey  Ospreys are also called sea hawks - eat mostly fish, and build they nests on the shoreline. 20040723 idaho lookout 001  Hiking up to Idaho lookout - lots of wild flowers. 20040723 idaho lookout 002  Idaho lookout, BC badlands  The Alberta Badlands are very pictuesque, and a popular tourist destination in and around Dinosaur Provincial Park.
clouds  Just west of Calgary, the foothils lead into the Rockies... hoodoo  Other than the Humour section, this is the only image I didn't shoot - my wife had more patience than I did, waiting for the droves of tourists to disappear out of site. Took her 20 minutes to shoot this hoodoo in the Alberta Badlands. sask pond  On a road trip coming back from Saskatoon to Calgary, this pond in Saskatchewan caught my eye... the three trees begged to be photographed. Tangle Falls  A clear sunny day is a difficult time to shoot waterfalls and have them turn out silky like this - I had to use 3 filters to stop down the exposure: a polarizer, an ND grad, and a neutral density. Tangle Falls, along the Icefields Parkway in Alberta. sunset  A BC sunset, somewhere around Vancouver, circa 1996.