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How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies

I've had the pleasure of being introduced to a photographer named Darwin Wiggett thanks to Nature Photographer's Network, and consequently developed a friendship with him. If you haven't heard of Darwin, he is one of Canada's foremost nature photographers, a prolific writer, and workshop instructor. He asked for help editing his now-popular book called "How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies", which I gladly did, and it has become a standard guide for shooters looking for all the great places to capture the beauty of the Rockies.

The book describes not only the best places to shoot, but also the best time of day and season. I took it upon myself to create a companion Excel spreadsheet summarizing the location data, and it has also become popular. Because of the many requests for it, I decided to simply post it here for your convenience. There's both the Excel download, as well as an HTML version.

Download the Excel spreadsheet.

View on-line.

Read my book review.