Jim's Photo Blog

Here's a bunch of pictures I've taken through the years more suited to an "album" theme as opposed to a professional website. They're the more personal things I want to share, like trips, assignments (and their outakes), and various other things. I guess it's my version of "MySpace" or "Flickr", but without the commercial advertising.


  • Our trip to Scotland in 2001.
  • Black & white photoshoot with my niece Meagan.
  • Fun in Toronto with work buddies.
  • Vagina Monologues Poster Shoot. Ooh La La!
  • Canada Day 2007 with some friends and aquaintences.
  • Wolf photo session.
  • Kaslo Jazz Festival, B.C.
  • Some last pics of the Rockies
  • A Weekender at Niagara Falls (Sept. 2009).