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Tutoring in the Upper Ottawa Valley

Advancing any artistic skill to the next level is best achieved by spending time with a teacher or mentor... whether it's playing the guitar, or taking pictures. I love to teach the things I have learned, so if you're interested in making images such as the ones on this web site, contact James Photography for some private tutoring. I'll help your photography - and confidence - improve with just a bit of time spent either in a studio setting, or in the outdoors.

My areas of specialty are aerial (...think drones), landscape, and commercial photography. Other areas we can touch on are stock and fine art photography and portraiture. And if you're interested, we'll also cover the Photoshop tips'n tricks that will make your images sparkle!

Pricing: Here's What You Get...
Lessons are $60 per hour per person, to a maximum of five people. This includes travel time if we're shooting outdoors, as we'll travel together so you can pick my brain! At first, we'll spend 1/2 to one hour getting to know each other, what your learning needs are, going over your equipment, and covering camera theory. The rest is customized to your particular interests, so it's very "organic" in the sense that I will tailor my instruction to your learning needs.

How Do I sign Up?
If you're interested in learning the theory, technique, and art of taking pictures, drop us a line by filling out this form.

You can get a head-start by purchasing my eBook called "The Concise Guide to Photography", which contains the material I use to teach beginning & intermediate photographers.

Remember, you retain 10% of what you hear, 20%
of what you see, and 80% of what you do.