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Articles and Reviews

Do You Want Something Reviewed Here?
This web site receives a lot of traffic, with many visitors spending time perusing around my articles and reviews. If you'd like your book, product, or service given the "Jim" treatment, drop me an email and we'll discuss it. You may need to lubricate our relationship a bit with some beer or whisky...

Mirror Lockup and a Canon lens go on a date...
Read about how conventional wisom and advice fare in this real world test.

Lens Review: Yongnuo 50MM Prime
Are bargain-prices lenses the cat's ass? You tell me...

Winter Photography and Grey Snow
Have you ever noticed that many winter images turn our rather drab looking? Here's an explanation for it, and how to add some punch to your images.

Photographic Post-processing: Two Approaches
Two distinct approaches to post-production are discussed in this article about shooting real estate for pay, and aerial landscapes for social media.

Move Out of Your Comfort Zone and Expand Your Expertise
Learning to shoot outside of your specialty means learning new and valuable camera techniques, and perhaps a bit more about yourself.

A Quick Guide to Photographing the Rocky Mountains
After living in Alberta for 13 years, we're pulling up roots and moving on. I thought I'd share my favourite Rocky Mountain locations that I used for the photo tours I conducted, so grab your camera, an overnight bag, and be prepared for some incredible scenery.

How to Photograph Waterfalls
I've tried to take the mystery out of creating those beautiful, silky-looking waterfall pictures. A bit of set-up is all that's needed. Read more...

A Field Study of Print and Slide Film Differences
A follow-up to "Should I move from from print film to slides", this co-authored article takes it a step further and compares apples to apples...

How to Photograph Fireworks
Summertime means outdoor celebrations, so here's a timely article on how to photograph those fireworks you never thought you could...

Book Review: "Wild Colours - Canada's Rocky Mountain Wildflowers".
More than reference material, this beautifully-photographed book will inspire you to learn more about the wildflowers in your area.

Book Review: "Alberta - Images by Daryl Benson".
A beautiful work to add to your collection of coffee-table books - and keep near the top...

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Add Sparkle to Your Images.
I used to wonder how nature photographers took such beautifully coloured landscapes, achieving nicely saturated, punchy colours. It's not hard once you know how...

Are Photo Seminars Worth the Effort?
A quick review of Calgary's latest Outdoor Photography seminar. Attended by yours truly.

Book Review: "How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies" by Darwin Wiggett (NPN)
Get a sneak peek at Darwin Wiggett's latest contribution to photography. A companion Excel spreadsheet is available here.

Jim's Hiking Blog
I finally transcribed the hiking notes I had been accumulating for the past few years. Though not directly related to photography, they may be of interest to anyone visiting the Rocky Mountains in the Calgary/Canmore area of Alberta.

Too Cold Outside for Photography? Think Again (NPN)
If you haven’t ventured out of doors in the winter with your camera because you thought the cold was just too much for you and your gear, there are many reasons to give it a try. Read more...

Developing Black and White Film at Home
It's way easier than you think. Take a step back in time and have a blast...

Cheap Trick: Inexpensive Fill Flash
Although auto fill-flash is a nice feature to look for in a flash unit/camera combination, it's not always necessary if you - and your camera - know what they're doing. Read more...

Review of the Minolta Scan Dual III (NPN)
This film scanner caused some waves because of it's agressive price for the quality. At less than $500 CDN, I was surprised there were any in stock!

Wedding Photography
If you're yearning to take your hobby to the next level, read how being a wedding photographer can be both challenging and rewarding. There's some groundwork to be done first...

Take a Walk on the Wild Side
If you own - or plan on owning - a 35 mm SLR and want to learn how to master it, this article is a good start.

Completing Your Digital Darkroom: Do Budget Scanners Have a Place?
Should you buy a cheap scanner for film digitizing? This short article is my experience with the latest wave of "high resolution" scanners.

Should I Move From Print Film to Slides?
The pros and cons of shooting with transparency film: professionals world-wide prefer slides, but there ARE some who like print film. Find out why.

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