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eBook Guide:
Product Photography for Artists
Click here to download!

I have created a resource for artists who wish to take great photographs of their artwork: an eBook called "Product Photography for Artists", a self-paced workshop that introduces one to the essentials of camera theory, lighting principles, and digital image editing.

This 40 page eBook combines the detailed instructions you would receive in a full day seminar, as well as the interactive follow-up we all need to refine the concepts for our own artwork. This virtual workshop is by nature self-paced, and has many photos of example lighting setups for various kinds of artwork. All image editing examples are specifically geared to the software described in the ebook.

The ebook describes how get a Windows and Apple version of the popular image editing program called GIMP. It is a powerful software product written by kind programmers who have been volunteering their time to the GIMP project for decades. After comparing it to other industry standard programs, I am impressed with its ease of use, array of features, and price! Enjoy...