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What happened to HoverWolf Aerial Photography?

Two reasons why I no longer do commercial drone work:

  1. Transport Canada introduced new bureaucratic and financial requirements for ongoing pilot re-certification, with education and testing all at the pilot's expense (not cheap). My current basic certification restricts flying to rural areas only, which cuts out a lot of potential work.

  2. The demand for drone services has dropped dramatically (yes, even pre-Covid). Most real estate companies and other businesses now do their own drone work.

So - maintaining certification, insurance, advertising, drone-specific software subscriptions, and other expenses, all with limited income is just not justifiable. I did try to get around these Transport Canada restrictions by aquiring a sub-250 gram model, but it's quite vulnerable to wind gusts... making it commercially undependable.

As a photographer it's still enjoyable having a flying camera when weather conditions allow, so I'll never give it up as a hobby. I'll do local jobs for friends and family if they ply me with enough whisky. ;-)

Thanks to all my past clients who made this a fun venture!

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